Thursday, September 29, 2011

Girl Next Door...:OOTD

Hi Friends!!

I am here with new OOTD.I wore this last weekend. It is a laid back and girl next door look , I had to go for grocery shopping and he(husband) wouldn't let me do anything over the top!
The bag I am carrying is snake print from Martin Osa and it is the same bag about which I tweeted some time back that a girl walked up to me in a store and complimented!It feels nice:)

Now since we are talking about animal print stuff, I have something to say, I know animal print is 'in' this season but that doesn't mean you have to completely turn into an animal(read snake print,leopard print,tiger print and what not covered from head to toe!) and roam around on is scary! I am no pro in fashion,it is just my personal opinion.

Here are the pics, enjoy!

Top:code,Cardigan:Forever21,Jeans:calvin klein,Shoes:Vans,Hand Bag:Martin Osa


  1. Looks comfy... That's basically what I wear everyday if there's nothing special going on :) Love the pattern on the bag!

  2. I love to pair cardigans with jeans & tshirts. It just makes the entire outfit look more sophisticated even though it is still casual.

  3. Nice Cardi! I can never get bored of them. I totally agree on the animal print thing. One thing at a time sounds sensible :)

  4. I love Code tops too..But love ur cardigan here..nice :)

  5. @Rin :Thanks!I agree ,Comfort is must in daily basis dressing.

    @AOYV :Yeah, a cardigan paired appropriately can lift up a outfit completely!

    @Appu :Thanks dear!yeah so true:))

    @Bhumika :Thanks!!Even I love code tops,there are couple of more brands in shoppers stop which have real trendy yet classy tops(I don't remember their name).I use to pick up in heaps back in India:)