Friday, February 1, 2013

Update about blog and Outfit post: OOTD

Hi Friends!!

Happy New Year 2013!!!I know it is February but still happy new year everyone!!
I am missing in action as I am busy with few things in life so blogging has kind of taken a back seat for now..yes,now..I am not quitting blogging!
I can't promise you that I'll try to post regularly cause the truth is that it is slightly difficult right now to manage time with home,professional aspirations and blogging.
So you will get to see lesser posts but I am active on twitter and instagram with my daily
life,beauty,fashion and shopping catch me there!!

Here is a quick outfit post..we had gone for a trail back in fall.
I am skipping the how I styled my outfit section and only posting the pictures.
hope you like it:)

ps:do leave your comments as I love to hear from all of you and your support means a lot to me...thanks!:)