Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something New...:OOTD

Hi Friends!!

Beginning of this month was my birthday and if you girls are following me on twitter then you know what made it so special!!!! Anyways I was suppose to wear something new on birthday(hence the title)and I didnt have anything other than the Tommy Hilfiger shirt which I am wearing.Since it was weekend I wanted it to be more casual but I was not left with much option!
The shoes I am wearing are gifted to me by ggg1(just to remind we are group of three girls though I am the only one [ggg2] who is currently posting on the blog).Well in the pictures the shoes look flat ballerina style but they aren't is high heels!!

Here are the pics enjoy!!!(I am not pro in OOTDs so please excuse!)

shirt : Tommy Hilfiger, jeans: Levis ,bag:nine west,shoes:gifted


  1. I live in shirts :) That is a gorgeous, well put together outfit.

  2. loved ur outfit and poses too ;)

  3. hey belated birthday wishes :) nice blog.. following u now :)


  4. @rin thanks:) even I am all into shirts..can't resist myself from buying them!

    @aoyv thanks dear:)encouraging words!!

    @bhumika ha ha!! When I am in front of the camera n no one is watching.. It comes naturally ;)I am happy you liked it:)thanks.

    @rekha thanks dear:)