We are group of 3 girls always full of giggles and something to talk about.
Its a diverse group with some opinion on makeup, style , fashion or life
Stay tuned as we will always have something to say!



We did start as group of three girls (read the STORY BEHIND THIS BLOG here) but now its only me who is managing,swatching,reviewing and styling outfits on this blog!

A little bit about this blog:

It is a fun place...grab a cup of coffee/tea or glass of wine or whatever you like, get cosy on your couch and unwind yourself from hectic day at work,stress from chores or make it your daily read!!
I share here my makeup regimen,beauty products that made my life easy,simple yet chic outfit styling ideas.And I share all of this here like a story I would share with my girl friends..a little giggle..a little yays...a little nays....this looks good...this doesn't....so you all are welcome to be part of this ongoing fun!

A little about me:

I run this blog as anonymous that means I don't reveal my actual name and identity.In this blogging world I am called 'giggle' (I know I could have thought of a serious name but I am happy with this name!).

Why are you anonymous?

I thought a lot about it and finally decided to keep it this way. This is my space where I talk and share whatever I feel like and being anonymous helps a lot :)

Who am I?

Girl who is not a makeup or fashion addict but I love dressing up,styling,doing makeup is an art for me. I don't hoard beauty products, I am not an impulse shopper.
I like everything done aesthetically!

Is blogging your profession?

No , I blog because I enjoy it.It is a way for me to unwind,isolate myself from whats happening in world and relax. So, I'll never make it my profession.

This page is still under construction so comeback to read the complete story! :)