Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neon Blue Jeans Outfit:OOTD

Hi Friends!

Today's post is an outfit post.I wore this outfit for the weekend.

Colored jeans are in trendthis summer and I obviously wanted to try it out but I was not able to decide which color!The season started with ubiquitous mint and red of course they were stricked off from my list!The colors I wanted were never available in my size..thus I am late to the party..but yes,here I am with my neon blue jeans!! I have been wearing it like almost every other day...and I'll keep wearing it till fall is here:)


The outfit has been put together around neon blue jeans(from Marshalls
I didn't want to pick obvious white top with it so I went ahead with the only neon green tee I had.So,yes it is neon on neon.Added more color to it with coral polka dot cardigan.

Accessorized the look with a long necklace with tribal pattern(it has all the colors i have in my outfit),white&rose gold oversize watch,dull red arty ring.I wore ring on same hand as my watch cause the colors white,red and neon green on my nails created a nice non chaotic arm party!:)For shoes I again picked nude/beige heels just to balance the look.And finally,my tote bag from quebec city canada added that fresh feel and completed the look:)

Here are the pics!enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lipstick Love: NARS MORE velvet gloss lip pencil swatch

Hi Friends!

Nars fall 2012 collection is yummy!!(yes, if I really like something I call it yummy whether it is edible or non edible!)The swatches/FOTDS from this collection by other beauty bloggers were so gorgeous that I wanted to buy almost everything from this collection.Not Feasible!So I swatched all lip products from the collection in the store and decided to pick NARS MORE velvet gloss lip pencil.

I haven't got chance to test it out for good 6-7 hours but I did wear it for couple of hours and I loved it!It is orange-brown in shade,on my NC40-42 skintone it shows up as more brown than orange.I'll update this post once I have used it for a few times but as of now I love it!

Here is swatch pic!enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Story behind this blog & Outfit post: OOTD

Hi Friends!!

I am working on blog's 'about' page as it needs an update.The current about page tells very little about this blog and story behind it so I thought its high time I update it.
Since I dont want to make blog's about page a very long boring story to read so I'll talk about Giggle girlie gang blog in today's post.

The name of the blog was coined during a fun & laughter filled type chat between three girls at three different locations.A name which would be perfect for we three girls as a group.when we are together it is mad house! Well this was back in 2009..I think.Then in late 2010 when we thought of starting our blog and continuing our non stop chatter on blogosphere,this was the name we obviously picked!

The idea behind this blog was to share and talk about our interest which is pretty vast between three of us.
I started writing all the posts from beginning and the technical aspects were handled by ggg1 as I have addressed her in my initial posts. She even drafted few posts which were never published.But we don't see the other two around...So what happened? Well, life happened.The other two pretty girls got busy and busy and super busy! They said I am doing pretty good job and I should continue.

So, friends, it is me whom you see doing all the eye looks , lip swatches , outfit posts. And it is me who interacts with all of you through this blog,its twitter and pinterest account.

Who is me? coming soon on ABOUT page!

Now to today's post.It is an outfit post.I wore this outfit few weeks back for a movie night out.


I wanted something chic yet comfortable for a three hour movie+dinner!
I picked my most abused used white tee from banana republic and dark jeans.Since it gets little chilly in theater due to AC I added divided plaid shirt from H&M.The plaid shirt has all pastel shades so I chose my mint green watch to go with it.And the long peacock necklace gave the finished look to otherwise plain white front portion as not much was happening there.For shoes I picked my nude/beige heels as I wanted to go neutral there,for handbag I was confused so, I am posting looks with both handbags I thought would look good with this outfit.You pick your favourite!

p.s: For movie I went ahead with the snake print handbag,gave me a very college campus fashion feel!

Here are the pics!enjoy!(click on the picture for better quality image)