Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue smokey eye look:EOTD

Hi Friends!!

Today's post is an EOTD after a very long gap..sorry about that!(culprit:my new found love for lipsticks!)

I did this look couple of weeks back.I love blue eye shadows and try to recreate different looks using it.
I used Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette and Wet n Wild Blue Lagoon(It is from old wnw collection with old packaging)

p.s:I am kind of busy with few things hence I am not doing much talking today:p

Here are the pics!Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lipstick Love:Bobbi Brown 'Brownie Pink' Lipstick Swatches

Hi Friends!!

Now you are very well aware about my new found love with the love continues..
I bought Bobbi Brown lipstick in 'brownie pink' some time back.It was not a well researched was impulsive..I swatched it..I liked it..I bought it..and I love it!!

As the name suggests it is a nice blend of brown and pink shades,which shade will be more prominent I guess depends on one's skin tone.In my case(NC42) it is slightly more pinkish brown than usual brown/nude lipsticks I wear.I like the shade,it gives me variation from my staple brown lipsticks.It gives good coverage to my pigmented lips.

Texture is good,smooth to apply but if you have dry lips(like mine) then after few hours it might make your lips a little dry but then you can always top it with some clear gloss!!

Here are the pics! enjoy!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Polka Dot Nails:NOTD

Hi Friends!!

This post is in continuation to my previous which was all about spring/summer fashion. Today's post is a NOTD..spring/summer NOTD...and it is not mint/mint green/mint blue(I feel there is overdose of this color in form of jeans/nail paints..).

I have drawn my inspiration from this picture which was pinned by Camille from Pshiiit on pinterest.This beautiful blog has plethora of amazing nail arts!!Check out the blog for some super cute manicures:)

I am a huge fan of white nail paints and when I saw the picture I knew I could try to recreate it with limited resources(I don't have nail art tools).So here it is!Hope you like it:)

Here are the pics!Enjoy!!

I did a NOTD using white nail paint and glitter earlier,you can check it here .

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I brought least in my outfit :OOTD

Hi Friends!!

Finally after much thoughts and feed back from my readers I decided to do an outfit post first(had to pick between outfit post and eyelook post)

Weather here is having mood swings,for two days it is warm and sunny(mostly weekdays)..come weekend and it is chilly again..why??Grrr...

Anyways I let weather play its little annoying game.I brought spring/summer in my outfit..just to brighten up my day and mood!Summer for me is about flowy tops/kurtis,whites,much talked about neons and pastels,flip flops,wedges...Well,in this outfit I have incorporated almost everything(yes,I am that desperate for summer!!)without making it look too crowded.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

jeans:GAP;tank top:aeropostle;White kurti/top:ravi khosla;Handbag:Nine west;Wedges:Born(DSW);Ring:forever21;on my nails:wet n wild candylicious;on my toes:wet n wild on a trip

p.s:wet n wild 'on a trip' on my toes fetched me quite a few compliments over the weekend!!girls its a must try shade!!