Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Outfit Neon and Lace:OOTD

Hi Friends!!

I am here again with an outfit post!!There has been this delay in posting in another outfit post because I am very particular what should make its way to this blog,secondly most of the time we are running late or there isn't enough sunlight to take pics..so no pics are clicked and the huge tussle I go through when I am getting dressed for any outing is Comfort vs Fashion you can read Him vs Me..So the thing is we have to strike a neat balance..and we do achieve it ultimately!!But due to all this there is delay in outfit posts.

Last week He decided that we should go out for trail..its been long and summer is here..so we went for trail after very long time and it was very tiring..my calf muscles were aching for days after that!!This is What I almost wore for trail..I'll say almost because the nine west wedges were swapped with chaco sandals and coach handbag was swapped with nine west cross body bag...So those were the adjustments Fashion had to make with comfort..or you can read....!!

How I styled my outfit:
Okay..A little about the outfit..the second I saw this top I was in love with it..perfect for summer = Lace+White+airy (so many people complimented me for it..especially the lace work at the back and on shoulders).I could have layered the top with plain white tank but that would have been boring so just to spice up the outfit and to go with the summer trend I added that pop of neon..which made huge difference.I mostly wear jeans/pants..so there was not much to choose there(in future also you'll see my outfits styled around jeans/pants).Choice of these wedges & bag cause the gold against black gives a classy touch to the outfit and maintains neat balance in the outfit.Gold necklace just to go with gold in my shoes & bag.That's pretty much how I styled my outfit without going over the top.

You will be seeing lot of whites and neons in upcoming posts too..so be prepared for the overdose!!:))

Here are the pics!!Enjoy!!

top:TJmaxx,tank:aeropostle,jeans:american eagle,necklace:jcpenny,bag:coach,shoes:nine west

p.s:I am starting this new section How I style my outfit in my outfit/OOTD post,where I'll give break down of my outfit and how & why I styled it that way.Please let me know if you want me to continue with this section on my outfit post.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lipstick Love:Wet n Wild 371S It's a girl Swatch

Hi Friends!!

Wet n Wild is one of my favorite brand from drugstore.One can get good stuff in a very cheap price and especially their eyeshadows are awesome with super good pigmentation.
Today my post is not about their eyeshadows..yes you guys guessed it right..I am talking about lipsticks!!

I was looking for bright shades to try and get comfortable before I go and splurge on higher end lipsticks.So,I picked couple of lipsticks from WnW.
The one I am sharing today is 371S it's a girl.It is a nice bright pink shade perfect for summer.The formula is good..it buttery in application,couple of swipes gives decent coverage to my pigmented lips.The only turn off for me is the synthetic smell..may be its just me!It is a nice lipstick at dirt cheap price..so,if you want to try some bright shades..then go ahead!!

Here are the pics!enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NOTD:Lancome LE 54 &OPI Moon over Mumbai

Hi Friends!!

I'll confess I am not very good at nail art and I don't even own proper tools for the same..still I try!
And in those trials and fails the nail looks I feel to be decent enough I share:)
So,here I am with a NOTD post!!

Things I used:
*OPI Moon over Mumbai
*LancĂ´me le vernis LE 54(from spring 2011 collection)

Here are the pics!Enjoy!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lipstick Love:Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti Swatch

Hi Friends!!

I am again talking about revlon lip butter today!!It is Tutti Frutti from the lip butter family..it is a nice coral shade which gives sheer coral-ish finish to lips.
My pigmented lips required couple of swipes to get the coral finish.It is moisturizing enough for a lip butter and requires touch up after drinks or eating.
In general I love the lip butters so I just look for the shades that will work for my NC42 skin tone and this one definitely rocks!!

You can check out revlon lip butter Lollipop swatches here .

Here are the pics!Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not so loud defined eyes:eye look

Hi Friends!!

I am here again with an eye look!
These days I am skipping detailed eye make up,I keep it basic with eyeliner and mascara..I don't know why but yes that's the way it is for sometime now..
May be I am wearing bright lipstick so I am going easy with eyes or may be I am plain LAZY!!

So the thing is when I do eye make up I keep it simple yet a kind which defines my eyes.Before I was full on into make up the only way I knew to define my eyes wasto line my lower water line with lot of kohl(Kajal:my mom & grandmom would prepare their own home made kohl to apply on eyes of all the kids!!).Thanks to mom & grand mom that was the only way I knew to define my eyes but the sad part is kohl on my lower lash line means me having panda eyes in just couple of hours so now I skip kohl/kajal on my lower lash line totally!!
Instead of Kohl rimmed eyes now I prefer subtle way to define my eyes which would allow me to sport bright lips too!!This is what I came up with....my version of not so loud defined eyes!

Things I used:
Naked from Naked palette
I heart you eye shadow from Milani(done another look using it check it here)

Here are the pics!Enjoy!