Monday, March 19, 2012

Chanel 487 rouge fatal and Milani ruby jewels NOTD

Hi Friends!!

Okay spring is here!!Yay!!I am really happy about it as there are so many things I can do like wear my wedges..linen pants..sheer top..ya of course the pastels..tangerine..pinks..light make yeah all in all I am happy that spring is here and I am out of my heavy jackets and boots!!

This post is last in series of what all I wore for my second engagement anniversary celebration.I thought I'll skip this post as the picture has not come out good but then I was like let me share what I did and may be someone can try for their special occasion.The picture is not very clear but you'll get an idea.It is a NOTD post.

Things I used:
*Chanel le vernis nail colour in 487 rouge fatal
*Milani nail lacquer in 23A ruby jewels

Here are the pics!Enjoy!


  1. this is super Hot...nice combo n i m sure it looked great off-cam...

  2. @pavani reddy: o yes!!it definitely looked much better in person..yep hot too!!