Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blazer and Tangerine accessories Outfit: OOTD

Hi Friends!!

This post is in continuation of earlier post on my vacation outfits.This is what I wore on day 1 .Today I am sharing my day 2 outfit looks.This was the last day and these pictures have been clicked just before final good bye.It was short and relaxed vacation!

How I Styled My Outfit:

I am going to keep this short.Actually this was not the outfit I had planned to wear but because of the change in plan, I had to improvise.
I always carry a blazer with me on a vacation and it helped this time as I had already worn the top,blazer separately but since I had to come up with a 'new' outfit I just styled them together by adding some bright tangerine accessories & lipstick and voila..I had a 'new' outfit with repeated clothing pieces!!

Here are the pics!enjoy!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Orly Terracotta Nail Polish Swatch : NOTD

Hi Friends!!

The only reason I bought this nail paint was that I didn't have anything neon coral-ish pink in my stash and so during an evening drive I stopped at CVS and picked this shade. This my first nail paint from this brand and I love it.


*The neon coral-pink shade!
*One to two coats are enough
*Drying time is pretty good (but for an impatient person like me nothing is good enough!)
*I won't comment much on chipping cause I had used sally hansen top coat and with help of it my nail        paint lasted for good ten days with slight chipping by end of the tenth day.
*Perfect shade for summer 


*hmmm..I can't think of any!!

Here are the pics!Enjoy!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lipstick Love: MAC Ablaze Lipstick Swatch

Hi Friends!!

MAC came out with fashion set collection sometime back(I don't remember when exactly as they there are so many collections!!) and one lipstick that caught my attention was ablaze..why? well,  I missed on MAC lipstick watch me simmer which was neon coral shade and I was kind of obsessed to get a shade as close as watch me shimmer.I bought few drug store dupes for it but was never satisfied and so when ablaze lipstick came out and beauty bloggers compared it to watch me simmer, I bought it immediately!


*love the neon coral shade!!
*it looks good on my nc 40-42 skin tone
*it is matte finish so it's stay power is good even with all drinking and eating
*minimal need for touch ups (I didn't need it)
*nice bright shade for summer

*Limited edition
*if you have dry lips you'll need to prep your lips before applying the lipstick.

ps: I tried my best to capture the accurate color of the lipstick and this is the closest I came.You can refer to maddy's post here for a better swatch picture.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: OOTD

Hi Friends!

How have you all been?!?!me?I am surviving!

Some time back we had gone for a short vacation with friends just a getaway from daily chores.It was fun especially the cottage we stayed in was beautiful.It had vintage interiors and a huge personal library...I totally loved that!I eat a lot during vacations as I love trying new restaurants and that's what I did!My favorite was an Irish breakfast was awesome!!

I am sharing few pics of what I wore on day 1.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

     View from our cottage!