Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter 'lollipop' Swatches

Hi Friends!!

Revlon lip butters..I know I am not talking anything new..there are zillions of reviews and swatches about them already..but I still feel the need to do a post of my own on it!
Revlon lip butters came very late in my local CVS after their release and when I saw them I was so overwhelmed by seeing them all sitting in a group staring at me that I didn't know which to pick!Anyways,I did pick a few and gave some to my sister..she loves it.

Few weeks back temptalia did a post on 'lollipop' revlon lip butter and that very evening I got it!!It is great..more than a lip balm..I'll say somewhere between lip balm and lipstick.

What I like about it:
*Good pigmentation
*stay power of 3hrs(good enough for a lip butter)
*That it is more than a lip balm!!

What I don't like:
*Packaging..there is an annoying experience whenever I try to open it(not enough portion at bottom to hold while pulling off the cap)

Here are the pics enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monochrome Outfit:OOTD

Hi Friends!!

Today I am here with an outfit post!These outfit pics were clicked few weeks ago..hence the boots and sweater(Thank God it's spring now!!).We had gone for lunch at a friend's place and this is what I decided to wear at last minute..lazy me!!

I am a big fan of monochrome outfits and I think its pure talent to achieve one from whatever you have in your closet.That's what styling and fashion blogging is all about(atleast for me)to get best out of what you have.The sweater I am wearing has been hanging in my closet for over an year..I always neglected it..found it boring and not my type(bought it cause husband liked it!).
And the necklace or whatever you can call it was also hanging on my jewelry stand all ignored..just didn't know how to pull it off.Then on a very gloomy rainy lazy day I had to decide an outfit to wear..I stood in front of my closet and stared..and in less than a second tak tak tak entire outfit was sketched in my head.So here it is!!

Shirt:urban outfitters,sweater & necklace:burlington,jeans:gap,boots:DSW,handbag:(gifted)vera pelle

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chanel 487 rouge fatal and Milani ruby jewels NOTD

Hi Friends!!

Okay spring is here!!Yay!!I am really happy about it as there are so many things I can do like wear my wedges..linen pants..sheer top..ya of course the pastels..tangerine..pinks..light make up..so yeah all in all I am happy that spring is here and I am out of my heavy jackets and boots!!

This post is last in series of what all I wore for my second engagement anniversary celebration.I thought I'll skip this post as the picture has not come out good but then I was like let me share what I did and may be someone can try for their special occasion.The picture is not very clear but you'll get an idea.It is a NOTD post.

Things I used:
*Chanel le vernis nail colour in 487 rouge fatal
*Milani nail lacquer in 23A ruby jewels

Here are the pics!Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dinner Date Outfit:OOTD

Hi Friends!!

I am back with an outfit post!In last post I mentioned about which lipstick I had put on for my second engagement anniversary and today's post is about the outfit I wore!We had gone for dinner at a Mexican restaurant(I love mexican food).It was fun!!

I made an attempt to do some retro classic hair style but it was a fail and my arms started aching:(( Anyways this is what I could manage for romantic dinner date*shy smile*

Boyfriend Blazer:random shop,top:hollister,jeans:gap,shoes:anne klein,clutch:fabindia

Here are the food pics from the evening!

*Kindly excuse the picture quality,they were clicked at night.