Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outfit for Fall:Blazer and Boots

Hi friends!!

This is a quick post and an outfit post.Since fall is here and we went out on a drive to see the foliage...I thought let me share what I wore for the trip.

How I styled My Outfit:

As usual I wanted my outfit to be high on style quotient yet comfortable.I achieved this balance by pairing comfy white kurti on dark denims and over that wore light blue blazer to add that chic factor.

To add some color I picked candy shades..coral scarf & candy blue earrings.Finally accessorized it with gold cuff bracelet & over size rose gold watch.

I was told to wear comfortable shoes as we might go for surprise trails.So I picked my most comfortable boots(I can walk for miles & miles in these boots without any issue).
And for bag it was my most used bag this fall..oxblood tote by Vera Wang..I love it!!

Here are the pics!enjoy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chanel illusion d'ombre long wear eyeshadow ebloui swatch

Hi Friends!!

I have not been buying much of eye products lately but on my birthday my pretty sister gifted me some really gorgeous eye make up stuff.Today I'll be talking about one of them :Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long wear Eye Shadow in Ebloui.

I don't own many Chanel products but I can see an addiction developing...
It is a nice reddish brown festive shade perfect for my NC40-42 skin tone.It is sheer (on me it is) so one can easily play with looks by building the color as desired.

Things I Like about it:

*the reddish brown festive shade
*easy to blend
*smooth creamy texture
*can easily build the shade for desired looks
*has very slight sparkle in it(festive i said!)
*very little to no creasing
*it comes with a small brush

Thing I dislike about it:

ps: since I have pigmented eyelids it shows up more brown than red on me.I have worn it in the outer corner.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipstick Swatches: Lipstick Love

Hi Friends!!

This is a quick post and may be not much needed one.Since Marilyn Monroe collection from MAC just came and was sold out in few hours but if you are lucky you might find few lipsticks at your nearby store so here are the swatches for you.Well I was not that lucky..MM collection was released in stores on 4th oct and I went on 5th..everything was gone...lipsticks were not even kept on display,I had to ask for testers so I could swatch and decide which one I should go hunting for!!

Purely on the basis of swatching them in store:

Charmed I'm sure: is matte finish but it is not that drying and good pigmentation.
Love Goddess: good pigmentation and not drying since it is satin finish
Deeply adored:is matte finish and I found it to be a little dry,I had a dry
dragging feeling while swatching it on my hand.

Scarlet Ibis:very bright orange red,good pigmentation and slightly more dry than
Charmed I'm sure but better than deeply adored.

All of them had some sweet scent..while they were swatched on my hand I had a feeling
that I am standing in a cup cake store.I couldn't spot specifically which one was smelling like what.The smell was definitely not irritating(atleast for me!)

When I swatched Love Goddess I had a feeling that it is very similar to impassioned so I swatched them side by side. They are close but I felt That impassioned has more pink in it.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

ps: the pictures were clicked in store from my phone so please excuse the picture quality

*top:impassioned,middle:love goddess,bottom:charmed i'm sure