Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink And Brown Smokey Look : EOTD

Hi friends!!

Here is EOTD using my UD pigments and NAKED..
I have tried to improve on my photographs but do let me know in comment box your views :)

Things I Used :
.Asphyxia UD pigment
.Smog UD pigment
.Naked palette-
virgin , naked & creep
.Stila smudge pot(black)
.Wet n Wild eyeliner in white
.Max factor mascara

Here are the pictures enjoy:

With Flash

Monday, August 29, 2011

Golden Brown Smokey Look: EOTD

Hi Friends

This is going to be my first eye of the day..please be a little generous though you can surely point out the mistakes that will help me better myself.
I did this look on my first anniversary and I was all ready in traditional way in saree bindi n bangles..I like doing these things on special occasions:)Well the traditional get up was for visiting the temple ,for dinner I quickly slipped into my jeans!!So I did an eye look which could go with both the outfits.

Things I used:
.primer potion
BODY SHOP curler

here are the pics..enjoy!!

Things I used(stila kajal is missing..soory..forgot!)

Please let me know what to you think about my first EOTD in the comment will encourage me to do better posts:))

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hi Friends!!

In my Urban Decay haul post I told you about apocalypse nail paint kit,I swatched meltdown.
And I am all in love with it.There couldn't be a better name for it.(For my indian readers the exact color of this nail paint is the saree color of madhuri dixit from song didi tera dewar)
Meltdown is deep purple in color. It has super stay power with top coat on it.I did all my household chores and there was no chipping.

pros: good consistency
two coats is enough
amazing stay power with top coat
color full of pep

cons: None (according to me)

It is sure a giggle for me

here the pics of product and swatches

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eve Pearl Lipstick Swatch

Hi friends

If you girls are following me on twitter you would know all about hurricane irene heading towards us...n all the preps I have been doing like stocking up water basic stuff n emergency lights for no electricity time which means no blogging no tweeting :(( So i thought i'll leave you girls with few posts to keep reading.

Eve pearl is a brand i came across while attending IMATS(i know i am super ignorant).If you google them read blogs you'll come to know their concealers highly recommended.Well here i'm not talking about their concealers but their lipstick(which i bought at imats ny 2011).

209 eve pearl lipstick:

pros: goes amazingly well with NC42 skin tone
great pigmentation!! couple swipes are enough
no irritating smell
good stay power

cons: slight shimmer(not exactly a con depends on individuals choice!!)

It is sure A GIGGLE for me!

Here are the pics of the product n swatches enjoy!!

*please ignore chapped lips:(
Natural light

In Sunlight

Thursday, August 25, 2011


hey friends new girls must be thinking suddenly I am left with no work or i have become extra active..he he!!no nothing like that just that I am feeling excited about writing posts clicking pictures and putting it all together here.I don't click very pro pics of my outfit but yes I have few clicked by my BEST half *blush* So I thought i'll make few posts related to outfits.Here goes the first one...

top:banana republic,shrug:F21,jeans: Levis,boots: DSW bag:claire's necklace:owl is F21 gold is vintage

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peek into ggg

hello friends!!

I finally picked a picture for ggg or should I say clicked!!!
You can see that pic on top right side of this is nice...isn't it!! Well this pic is also the display pic for my facebook page..girls here is the link Go ahead pour in your love:)

The things you see in this pic is my Jewelry Box in red gifted to me by ggg1 and the turquoise necklace I bought from maine.My bangle stand and the bangles are from india.And my lovely conair mirror i can't live without it....
hope you girls like it!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urban Decay Sale ....Haul !!!

Hi friends!!

I know it has been like ages....seriously :( but you know what girls I have been busy...n tad bit lazy to blog.So what brought me back to blogging..A super Urban Decay SALE!!! Music to ears..isn't it...Well I bought few stuff and received my package today..yipeeee...

Things I bought:
1) asphyxia pigment
2) shag pigment
3) smog pigment
4) scattered pigment
5) chronic matte eye shadow
6) electric eye shadow
7) 'o' ultra glide lip gloss
8) apocalypse nail paint kit

And all that for $ 30 including the shipping!!!

Okay so here come the Pictures and the Swatches(this is the best part) enjoy girls!!


everything as it came

electric matte eye shadow

chronic matte eye shadow

'O' ultra glide lip gloss

Swatces for eye shadow and pigments

I am yet to try keep reading:)