Monday, June 25, 2012

Lipstick Love:Rimmel Kate Moss 12 Swatch

Hi Friends!!

Todays post is another one in Lipstick Love.Tangerines have been huge this season rather they have been officially declared as color of the season by who's who from make up and fashion world!So I needed one!!And I found a great one from drugstore:Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 12!!

*It is a nice tangerine shade which goes well with my NC40-42 skin tone.
*It has good pigmentation which last for decent time of 4 hours(without drinking &
*It is bright ,eye catching shade which will definitely cheer up your day!
*It is moisturizing.It's performance was good on my dry lips.
*Okay there is a slight perfume/scent but it is not irritating/nauseating and it goes
away in couple of minutes!
*And it is not expensive!!

So if you are looking for tangerine/orange shade lipstick for this season or for any season go grab this one!

Here are the pics!enjoy!

ps: Sorry I don't have any product pictures this time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Coral Maxi and Blazer Outfit:OOTD

Hi Friends!!

If you have been reading my tweets then you would know that I was out for my anniversary vacation to Canada.It was fun trip..full of evening coffee at terrasse cafe..lovely dinner dates..reading maps..actual maps not google maps!...and speaking lots of broken french( I studied that language for 5years!!).The one thing I enjoyed the most during vacation was getting all dressed up..there were days I changed my outfits and make up from day to night..yes,I was enjoying it thoroughly!!.So here I share one of the outfit I wore on bright sunny day.

How I styled my outfit:

Maxi has been on my mind since start of spring.Since I had never worn it earlier..I was skeptical!So I bought something that would work with my body shape and would be bright and summery at same time.And of course cheap too!!Hence I bought a coral colored flow-ey cotton maxi.I wore blue blazer along with it as the shades looked great together and somehow the clash of blazer & maxi made it look more in-vogue!To accessorize my look I wore turquoise necklace and neon yellow satchel.And for comfort as there was lot of walking involved I wore chaco sandals.Coral+blue+turquoise+neon yellow...might sound too much but if styled properly can look's an example!;)

Here are the pics!enjoy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lipstick Love: Gradient Lips

Hi Friends!!

I am back from a short refreshing vacation but I'll be talking about it in my posts to follow.Todays post is about gradient lips I attempted couple of weeks back.The result was pretty decent so I decided to share!

Gradient lips or two toned lips are not odd to just needs to wear it with confidence and make sure rest of your make up works around it..So girls go ahead and try it!

Products I used:

*Revlon lip butter in candy apple (a must to have!)
*Revlon lip butter incotton candy

Here are the pics!enjoy!