Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Crianza Swatch

I discovered Bite beauty cashmere lip cream while browsing various products at sephora and I am so happy that I came across this product. Just one word for it..Fabulous!

The brand describes it as "cream to powder matte formula that delivers boldest coverage." And, I absolutely agree with it. When you look at the product on wand, you might feel that it is dry powdery substance but once you apply it on lips, voila!It turns into smooth creamy texture,easy to apply and one swipe sufficient lip product. The wand suits the product texture and it makes application easy on my thin lips. Stay power is good 4-6 hours. No transfer on coffee mugs, glasses etc.

All in all, it is a dream product for dry lips like mine. Matte finish yet that sheen is there(Look at the swatch pics). After swatching all the shades I was confused between crianza and moscato.But, I finally picked crianza. Moscato next time ;) 

The only negative thing that I might have to say is the price. $28 is a bit too much for me considering the size of the product is small.However, I do see myself buying more cashmere lip creams from bit beauty like moscato! :)

Here are the pics!Enjoy!





  1. Now I need one, I think my local health store stocks BITE..might check it out this weekend.
    Love your review and swatches

    1. Thanks Maddy!You should definitely check it out..I am sure you'll love it :)