Friday, September 19, 2014

Transitioning into Fall : Beauty,Skincare and Style.

Fall in recent past has become my favorite season. Marks the beginning of festive season, that crisp weather and the season where I love my hot beverages more!Along with all this there are subtle transitions in beauty & skincare regimen and style statement. Today I share with you all, the very first changes that takes place in these three departments. 

For me the change first starts showing up in nail polish shades. Now that I have a small lipstick and nail polish organizer on my vanity,I keep swapping shades according to the season. And so, last weekend I selected few fall shades from my nail polish stash and placed them on my vanity. This year I chose loreal nail polish in shade 'haute couture red' to kick start fall!

The other thing that is important change for me in fall is good hydrating lip balm. I have dry lips that get easily chapped and are prone to cold sores so I take extra precautions during fall and winter season.This year lip balm I am picking is 'Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm'.


In style, the most significant change is 'layering'.You can just keep on layering for warmth and for style quotient. And believe me, it is best thing for lazy people like me!Fall means sweaters...chunky,cable style...sweater in every shape and size. The other thing that becomes staple in my outfit is scarf/stole/shawl during fall. They are the easiest way to add style,color to an outfit to elevate it. And, I am planning on growing the collection this year(yes you got that means shopping!).For shoes it is oxford style shoes or booties. This year I am choosing oxford shoes to start fall as these are the newest addition in my shoes collection.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

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