Monday, February 27, 2012

Chanel Dragon:Bitten by lipstick love!!

Hi Friends!!

I have never been much into lipsticks as I don't have the perfect pout to flaunt them.I use to have only one or two lipsticks mostly in brown/nude shades which I would use with every make up and with every outfit!Sad but that is the truth and my share of faux pas!!

Things changed when I got into beauty blogging.I got motivated and inspired by my fellow beauty bloggers to try new shades of lipsticks..and the one shade I most wary of was Red!! I started with few drug store brands to gain confidence to carry of bright red shade on NC 42 skin tone.It took some time and few misses to know how to carry them but yes now I can!

Timing for everything was perfect as my sister gifted me Chanel Dragon rouge allure laque:)
And I went ahead to wear it for our dinner date to celebrate our second engagement anniversary!!!

Here are the pics!enjoy!!


  1. I love Chanel Dragon on everyone!

  2. Chanel Dragon seems to be very universally flattering. Amazing shade! If you're ever looking for NC42 lip color inspiration, check out Arianne on Glitter Geek. She has a ton of swatches!

  3. lovelyyyyy color it is :D :D ... would love to see your face abbes :D :D

  4. @Bhumika: Thanks!! *blushing*

    @Larie: Thanks!I can never go wrong with this!

    @iamalisonm: Yes! it is indeed the universally flattering shade!!Arianne has some lovely swatches!Thanks!!

    @Rashmi: Thanks!!I am still not comfortable enough to do FOTDS but encouragement like this might make me give in:))

  5. @pavani reddy: thanks! it was perfect for the occasion:))