Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pure Ice Nail Polish NOTD:Green again!!

Hi Friends!!

How are you girls doing?!!Halloween round the corner all set for it?!!Girls I have couple of outfit posts ready but I am not posting it cause I dont want this blog to be all about is primarily a beauty blog then fashion.It is easy to click outfit picks every time one gets ready but EOTDs require effort and time ,hence the delays in posting EOTDs .I'll try to better myself in posting regular EOTDs..please bear with me!!!

I am here with another NOTD.I picked this nail polish called Pure Ice from Walmart some time back.Its is a brand I am not much aware of , picked it as I liked the shade and it was very cheap.The shade is called First Time.I did some research about this brand and read it's reviews on .People have nice things to say about it so, I might try more from this brand!

Nail paint is again from family green(you know my love for green this season).It has metallic finish.

*nice metallic green shade
*two coats are enough
*stay power is 4 days with top coat
*it is very cheap(price)
*It takes time to dry:( So for people like me with no patience, this can be a issue)
*visible brush stroke mark.

Here are the pics enjoy!!


  1. I bought this one when I was on vacation last's a fun one! I love the metallic sheen. I don't think I brought it back, though XD

  2. @Larie yeah,metallic sheen is the reason it caught my attention!Even I am not sure about my buying again unless I see something tempting:))

  3. Hi..first time on your blog :) Now I have one more thing to go hunting for in Walmart :D

  4. @Rads Thanks for visiting..would love to see you here more often:))Yeah, these nail paints are cheap and the metallic finish makes it look more attractive!!