Friday, October 14, 2011

N.Y.C Color creme blush stick:Berry New Yorker

Hi Friends!!

A month back I bought this blushable creme stick from N.Y.C Color from CVS pharmacy while waiting for my pizza to be done!! I don't have much cream based blushes so thought I'll try this one out.

It is Berry New Yorker from their summer 2010 collection of creme blushable stick.I won't describe the color and all much as I am not very good at it but I'll definitely say that it gives a very natural look for winters.It doesn't appear greasy or sticky.It is easy to blend and stays for 3 to 4 hours.

Its a Giggle for me!

Here are the pics enjoy!


  1. Aww wish we had NYC more readily available in Australia. I really love the product photos you took! Looks so pro :D

  2. Thanks celina!! It means a lot coming from you!! I feel so encouraged to do better!! Thanks a ton :)
    NYC is a brand I have started exploring and the best part the quality of product is good and its not very expensive!

  3. This is gorrrgeeeousss ...i wish we had this in india..and yes..Fab photos :)

  4. @Peachesandblush: Thanks mehak!!! Yup, it is great brand at decent price!!