Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eve Pearl Lipstick Swatch

Hi friends

If you girls are following me on twitter you would know all about hurricane irene heading towards us...n all the preps I have been doing like stocking up water basic stuff n emergency lights for no electricity time which means no blogging no tweeting :(( So i thought i'll leave you girls with few posts to keep reading.

Eve pearl is a brand i came across while attending IMATS(i know i am super ignorant).If you google them read blogs you'll come to know their concealers highly recommended.Well here i'm not talking about their concealers but their lipstick(which i bought at imats ny 2011).

209 eve pearl lipstick:

pros: goes amazingly well with NC42 skin tone
great pigmentation!! couple swipes are enough
no irritating smell
good stay power

cons: slight shimmer(not exactly a con depends on individuals choice!!)

It is sure A GIGGLE for me!

Here are the pics of the product n swatches enjoy!!

*please ignore chapped lips:(
Natural light

In Sunlight

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