Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urban Decay Sale ....Haul !!!

Hi friends!!

I know it has been like ages....seriously :( but you know what girls I have been busy...n tad bit lazy to blog.So what brought me back to blogging..A super Urban Decay SALE!!! Music to ears..isn't it...Well I bought few stuff and received my package today..yipeeee...

Things I bought:
1) asphyxia pigment
2) shag pigment
3) smog pigment
4) scattered pigment
5) chronic matte eye shadow
6) electric eye shadow
7) 'o' ultra glide lip gloss
8) apocalypse nail paint kit

And all that for $ 30 including the shipping!!!

Okay so here come the Pictures and the Swatches(this is the best part) enjoy girls!!


everything as it came

electric matte eye shadow

chronic matte eye shadow

'O' ultra glide lip gloss

Swatces for eye shadow and pigments

I am yet to try these...so keep reading:)

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