Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Casual 'running errands' Outfit: OOTD Part 1

Hi Friends!

I have split this outfit post in two parts as there would have been overwhelming number of pictures for one post!I have styled a simple t-shirt in two ways:

*Casual 'running errands' type outfit

*Stylish & chic outfit

In today's post,I am sharing the casual look.Actually I had to run few errands and I quickly styled an outfit which was casual and still high in fashion quotient.
I got into my comfy boyfriend style jeans,paired it with a casual neon color Zara tshirt. Quick tip: If you want your outfit to speak loudly 'in vogue' then very smartly add some neon pieces to your outfit like a tshirt,shoe,handbag or any accessory or for that matter neon lipstick and nail polish(I do this quite often)!!Believe me it works :)

Coming back to the outfit,I wore blue wedges for chic factor as heels fixes any laid back look.And to finish it off,I did a messy side braid and wore dainty gold necklace to incline the outfit more towards simple,casual look.

Please share in comment box what you think about this outfit and what is your outfit for running errands?

part 2 of this post will be up soon!

Here are the pics!enjoy!


  1. i absolutely love the messy side braid! totally loved the look!

  2. Thanks parita!!What is your favorite casual look for running errands?

  3. how tall are you?? you have the perfect height!
    loved the outfit. xx

    1. no no,it is all camera angle and heels!!I am average Indian women height!Thanks :)