Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter 'lollipop' Swatches

Hi Friends!!

Revlon lip butters..I know I am not talking anything new..there are zillions of reviews and swatches about them already..but I still feel the need to do a post of my own on it!
Revlon lip butters came very late in my local CVS after their release and when I saw them I was so overwhelmed by seeing them all sitting in a group staring at me that I didn't know which to pick!Anyways,I did pick a few and gave some to my sister..she loves it.

Few weeks back temptalia did a post on 'lollipop' revlon lip butter and that very evening I got it!!It is great..more than a lip balm..I'll say somewhere between lip balm and lipstick.

What I like about it:
*Good pigmentation
*stay power of 3hrs(good enough for a lip butter)
*That it is more than a lip balm!!

What I don't like:
*Packaging..there is an annoying experience whenever I try to open it(not enough portion at bottom to hold while pulling off the cap)

Here are the pics enjoy!!


  1. This one is a really pretty color! I also find the packaging annoying, haha, although they're like the Dior Addicts...which annoy me in the same way. Not enough at the bottom to pull off!

  2. hey gal.. wats the price for this?? will this b avail in mumbai??

  3. @Larie :yes it is a pretty color and I think it will work for all skin tones.don't know why they make such annoying packaging for such a lovely product...

  4. I love this one!! There are so many gorgeous pinks in this line, actually - wnat to get them all!

  5. @puplesnpinks: as of now it is not available in India.from what I remember it for $7

    @shivani: yeah,there are some really gorgeous shades in this..I'm planning to pick all slowly:))

  6. nice shade...they r real beauties...


  7. @pavani reddy: there are few more shades which I have tried and I like it but there is so much more to try from this range!!

  8. lovely shade..............i am following u.....if u like follow me back .....http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.in/2012/04/how-to-repair-cracked-nail-with-tea-bag.html

  9. it is nice shade for daily wear ... am gonna try this if i can ... i guess it will take another decade to launch here ....

    1. @indybeauty: it is a pretty shade and it will look great on you!lets hope it is launched soon!