Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blazer and Tangerine accessories Outfit: OOTD

Hi Friends!!

This post is in continuation of earlier post on my vacation outfits.This is what I wore on day 1 .Today I am sharing my day 2 outfit looks.This was the last day and these pictures have been clicked just before final good bye.It was short and relaxed vacation!

How I Styled My Outfit:

I am going to keep this short.Actually this was not the outfit I had planned to wear but because of the change in plan, I had to improvise.
I always carry a blazer with me on a vacation and it helped this time as I had already worn the top,blazer separately but since I had to come up with a 'new' outfit I just styled them together by adding some bright tangerine accessories & lipstick and voila..I had a 'new' outfit with repeated clothing pieces!!

Here are the pics!enjoy!


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