Monday, August 13, 2012

Lipstick Love: NARS MORE velvet gloss lip pencil swatch

Hi Friends!

Nars fall 2012 collection is yummy!!(yes, if I really like something I call it yummy whether it is edible or non edible!)The swatches/FOTDS from this collection by other beauty bloggers were so gorgeous that I wanted to buy almost everything from this collection.Not Feasible!So I swatched all lip products from the collection in the store and decided to pick NARS MORE velvet gloss lip pencil.

I haven't got chance to test it out for good 6-7 hours but I did wear it for couple of hours and I loved it!It is orange-brown in shade,on my NC40-42 skintone it shows up as more brown than orange.I'll update this post once I have used it for a few times but as of now I love it!

Here is swatch pic!enjoy!


  1. Love NARS Foundation, blushes & bronzer after seeing this post I think its time to give their lip products a go:)

  2. their products are great and I absolutely love this lip pencil!