Thursday, April 19, 2012

Polka Dot Nails:NOTD

Hi Friends!!

This post is in continuation to my previous which was all about spring/summer fashion. Today's post is a NOTD..spring/summer NOTD...and it is not mint/mint green/mint blue(I feel there is overdose of this color in form of jeans/nail paints..).

I have drawn my inspiration from this picture which was pinned by Camille from Pshiiit on pinterest.This beautiful blog has plethora of amazing nail arts!!Check out the blog for some super cute manicures:)

I am a huge fan of white nail paints and when I saw the picture I knew I could try to recreate it with limited resources(I don't have nail art tools).So here it is!Hope you like it:)

Here are the pics!Enjoy!!

I did a NOTD using white nail paint and glitter earlier,you can check it here .


  1. This is really cute love the polka dots!

    Beauty Flawed

  2. Very cute! I see what you mean about pops of color against white ;)

    1. @Larie: Thanks! Ha ha..yes that's what I have been doing in my outfits, on my's kind of on my mind this season:)

  3. This is so cute! I love how this looks!

    Loving your blog - just followed you!:D

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