Sunday, December 1, 2013

Empties & Repurchased Products

Hi Friends!

Christmas shopping done?!!I didn't shop much this time..mostly bought what I 'need' instead of what I 'want' :P 

Today's post is a first of its type on this blog.It is empties+repurchase='Products I love' post. I have dry and sensitive skin so if some skincare product works for me I stick with it rather than experimenting.Here are the three products I used up completely and repurchased them recently.

*All products in this post have been bought by me.
1)Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover: this is my third bottle of it and I think I'll stick with it in future too.Inexpensive and good at its work!

               please excuse my failed attempt at french manicure :(

2)Sephora Triple action cleansing water: This time I bought the big bottle  and I transfer it in this small bottle for ease of use. I haven't tried any other cleansing water so I can't compare. It removes all my makeup and doesn't leave my skin dry or greasy.

3)Clarins Extra firming day cream: This is my second pot. It really suits my dry skin. It is expensive but I don't mind spending extra bucks on skincare :)

                               for empty post sake!!

ps: The above mentioned views are for what suits and works for my skin.What might suit or work for me might not suit/work for you.So please do your own research before buying.

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