Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OOTD: In 'boyfriend' style outfit/Androgynous Look

Hi Friends!!

Here I am with my first post of 2012!! I wanted it to be an eye look post as this blog is more about beauty than fashion,but since I am busy with lot of things at the moment,this is an outfit post.

I wore this outfit couple of weeks back.All the excitement of clicking pictures of this outfit comes from the fact that I shamelessly stole Ralph Lauren sweater from my husband's closet;)The best part...it has a decent 'boyfriend' fit on me!!

Okay friends as I have mentioned in my previous outfit post..I am no pro in fashion but I like getting dressed up nicely whenever I step out of house..even if its for grocery!!So I click pictures of what I wear and post them as outfit posts from time to time.

Here are the pics!enjoy!

Jeans:Levis,Shirt & Sweater:Polo Ralph Lauren,Booties:gifted,Handbag:Nine West


  1. such a smart outfit :) you look good girl!! :) :)

  2. Love the booties and the bag..okay I like the shirt and the sweater too :D :D...It really is a smart outfit :D

  3. Looks good, I am also always stealing my bf nice sweaters haha

  4. @Namita :Aww..you are so sweet!!thanks!!

    @Radhika :Ha Ha!!bags and shoes are my fav too in any outfit..that's what I notice first:)Thanks dear!!

    @Ashley :Thanks!!I know!Stealing their stuff n then looking gorgeous in it gives an all together different thrill/feel!!

  5. luv the luk..u know wht i have the same shirt..i bought it 3 yrs back i guess..

  6. @Varsha :Thanks!!its my go to bag and looks good with most of the outfits!

    @Allaboutladies :Thanks!!that's great..it's a nice comfy shirt:)

  7. looking super stylish! Black + denim is always a classic!

  8. Love your shoes and bag!! ...You are just one step away from this $100 Giveaway :)

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  9. @PeachesandBlush :Thanks!!totally!!this is comfy yet stylish outfit for me this winter!

    @Stylish By Nature :Thanks!!i love them too!!

  10. Nice outfit, darling!
    You shall do full size photos - you have such pretty face (I judge by your FOTD photos)

    Have a great day!

  11. @Maria V: Thanks Maria!!I am so happy to see your comment!!Thanks for the encouragement..its so sweet of you:))

  12. nice bag and lovely outfit...
    ur outfits are always nice and simple..

  13. @pavani redddy: thanks!!aww..the outfit posts are from regular clothes that I wear whenever I step out of the house..I just style them without being over the top or spending every other day on clothes and accessories..thanks again:)