Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Review

Hi Friends!!

Before starting my affair with lipsticks I was very steady with eye looks/eye makeup/eyeshadow..anything related to eyes.I love doing eye looks even today but the thing is I don't get enough time.

Anyways to cut the long story short I want to talk about my eye make up holy grail:NARS Smudge Proof eyeshadow base. If you are looking for a eye primer which lets your eyemakeup last forever then my dear friends your search has come to an end!

Things I like about it:

*Everything (ok i'll explain!)
*it is easy to blend on eyelids (no extra pressure/stretching)
*it is moisturizing but not greasy (I have oily eyelids)
*And your eyemakeup will stay in place like forever! (no exaggeration)
I have tested it for straight 12 hours quite a few times
*No fading
*No creasing (may be a little if you have very oily lids)
*No smudging

Things I don't like about it:

*packaging: If only I could see how much product is left, it would have been perfect!

Here are the pics!enjoy!

hers are comparison pics:

*freshly applied eye makeup

*After 12 hours of wearing the eye makeup


  1. There's literally no change in the makeup after 12 hours! Great product. Fabulous review! Thanks!
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  3. Thanks for this review, i've been umming and aaahing about this product and this has made my decision for me. :)

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  4. Hey thanks for checking out my blog ..following yours as well .. you have a great blog .. Great review .. Till now my fave is UDPP but I would like to try this one ..

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