Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Wear Denim On Denim Outfit: OOTD

Hi Friends!!

Today's post is an outfit post.Labor day weekend is over and is followed by rule of 'no white'...but believe me until it snows I am so going to unfollow that rule!!
(after snow there is enough white around!)

Well somewhere in mid of summer I bought this white jeans from marshalls and I love it. Believe it or not I didn't own a white jeans before this (ashamed!).I wore this outfit for a day outing during labor day weekend.

How I Styled My Outfit

This outfit is styled around the thought of a stylish yet comfy outfit which should incorporate few summer trends like:

*White jeans + Denim Shirt = Denim on Denim Trend(& white jeans trend)

*Knotted shirt trend

*Color block (shoes) Trend

And I completed the look with:

*side swept ponytail: adds that extra chic feel to entire look (pay attention to hair it takes the complete look to another level)

*Red Chunky beaded bracelet: Since it is denim on denim outfit with knotted shirt,the red bracelet adds that girly/feminine touch to the otherwise tomboyish look

*Oversize white watch

*Tan satchel bag

Here are the pics!enjoy!

p.s: Please excuse the picture quality *sorry*

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